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Final Project Principles

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Leichhardt Council's 2010 Master Plan will be guided by Project Principles based on the objectives (objects) of the Callan Park (Special Provisions) Act 2002.

The sub principles and character collage are the foundation for the master plan brief. Each sub principles can be categorised into one of twelve systems. Classifying the sub principles in this way allows the master plan team to organise the issues raised during the community consultation succinctly.

Icons Biodiversity Icons Economy Icons Governance Icons Transport
Icons Built Form Icons Energy Icons Health Icons Waste
Icons Culture / Education Icons Food Icons Pollution / Emissions Icons Water

More information on the categorisation of these systems can be found here.

Objects of the Act

(a) to ensure that the whole of Callan Park remains in public ownership and subject to public control, and

(b) to ensure the preservation of the areas of open space at Callan Park that were in existence immediately before the commencement of this Act, and that extend to and include the foreshore of Iron Cove on the Parramatta River, and

(c) to allow public access to that open space, including the foreshore, for public recreational purposes of both an active and a passive nature, and

(d) to preserve the heritage significance of Callan Park, including its historic buildings, gardens and other landscape features, and

(e) to impose appropriate controls on the future development of Callan Park.

Guiding purpose

Final Project

Ensure public representation and accountability in the body that governs Callan Park.

Improve the quality of community lands through conservation, restoration and management.

Preserve public access to open space and the iron cove foreshore.

Ensure that best practice conservation processes are applied to historic buildings, gardens and other landscape features.

Ensure that Callan Park develops as a place for strengthening and restoring mental health and community wellness.

Provide a suitable transparent governance structure that can fund and manage Callan Park.

Ensure an equitable balance between passive and active recreation to contribute to community health and wellbeing.

Encourage public use of buildings acknowledged as having the most heritage significance.

Encourage complementary health, community and educational uses to maximise synergies and benefits for the community.

Ensure Callan Park is a world-leading model for social, environmental and economic sustainability.

Develop public transport and infrastructure to broaden public access and reduce traffic intrusion.

Ensure that the history of Callan Park is commemorated and documented on site.

Ensure a focus on wellbeing with an equitable balance of health, community and educational uses at Callan Park.

Ensure that community, health and education uses at Callan Park demonstrate a commitment to social, environmental and economic sustainability.